Passion Party – Bored Games

Spencer DeVine, contributor

On paper I should love Bored Games by Passion Party. It’s a satirical hip-hop album covering topics from sexting to one of the artist’s cats, but I never choose paper over rock and scissors anyhow and this album left me somewhat wanting.

Not that it is all bad. The beats and rhymes are good and catchy, with some interesting instrumental choices, I’m just not crazy about the tone of the album.  

Even as a comedic hip-hop album, I wish it felt harder. The “nerd” hip-hop tone has to be really funny for me to be able to listen to it around my friends, and it just doesn’t feel cool enough to not get yelled at to put on some Chance or Redman instead.

I did listen to the whole thing while eating a combination of crispy M&M’s and drinking a Steel Reserve and had a pleasant time.

Rating: 8 out of 12 cans of PBR!

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