Patsy’s Pizzeria and Bar

Somewhere in New York City

Asking a New Yorker where you can find the best pizza in Manhattan is a loaded question. Last month I decided to fly to New York to do just that. The New Yorker I chose to ask that question took me to a place that they very specifically said was in the “top three” of all of the locations to get a pie or slice. Patsy’s Pizzeria is everything you would want to see in a Manhattan Pizza restaurant. Nice Italian staff, a calm romantic atmosphere, and they even had every celebrity but Lee Harvey Oswald in a frame on the wall. I was advised to get the Margherita as that is only kind of pizza a New Yorker would ever get. We got another one as well, to compare, and goddamnit I have no idea what kind it was. It doesn’t matter, the pizzas were tremendous. The menu boasted a vodka sauce, whatever in the Hell that is… sounds cool. In the end it was all about that fresh cut mozzarella. If you find yourself in New York for some reason, go to Patsy’s. You shouldn’t be disappointed… unless you are a big pain in the ass anyway. They have a Nutella latte that they will say they don’t have and then they will make you one anyway. I love New York! Good luck finding it, there are a few pizza places in the city named Patsy’s due to some drama that I cannot remember the details of, and I have no idea what part of town we were in. Maybe go on Twitter and ask Jerry Seinfeld how to get there, he was on the wall. Have fun!

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