Peace Activist Booed Off The Stage

(ed-note – This is a whole lot funnier (hopefully) if you read the quotes from Ramano like Mario…it’s also mildly racist, you know, like Mario)


Marco Ramano, famed peace activist from Italy, was booed off a stage at cannabis expo Saturday right in the middle of a speech about the Syrian conflict.

“I a don’t-a know what-a happened,” Ramano said in his very heavy Italian accent. “I don’t-a know why-a they boo when I-a keep saying ‘Give Peace-A chance’.”

Ramano shouted the phrase over and over to a growing sea of boos and profanity.

“He was all up on the stage yelling ‘Come to the Pizza Seminar’ ‘Celebrate Pizza’ and shit like that,” said Cory McCarthy, an attendee at the 11th Annual Cannabis Emerald Harvest Exchange Expo Cup Trophy at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds.

According to McCarthy the crowd really turned on Ramano when someone heckled from the crowd by asking if the pizza would be free.

“Yes-a, of course….peace-a is a always free!” Ramano enthusiastically explained!

A member of the Italian Defamation League was in the crowd pushing his latest concoction “Canna Cannolis” and is considering filing a suit against Ramano.

“It was very very racist towards my people,” Rocco said. “He was such a stereotype, with that fake accent and ranting and raving about pizza. I don’t know if he was high or what, but I grabbed my kids and left that cannabis fair. Frankly, I was pissed.”

Ramano was stunned at the news of the possible suit.

“I-a don’t know what he’s-a talking about…I’m-a Italian for God’s-a sake,” Ramano said.

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