Pervert – Touched By An Angel

This sounds like all of the other bands that sound like this. Fuzzy and fast, pseudo-monster growling, shrieking vocals stirring an audible mess.

It reminds me of Spazz, and all of the other bands that sound like Spazz. My favorite song is “God Has No Dick,” as it is the shortest at a mere 18 seconds, and consists mostly of fart sounds. Other songs have funny titles like “Beer Shits,” “Hang A Salami,” and “Fornicator.”

By now I have heard fifty million bands like this, and I am sure a live performance would be at least a fun(ny) experience.

If you like Spazz or are a spazz you might like this. I am almost 40.

6 out of 12 cans of PBR!

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