Other Photos Leaked From the Set of Star Wars VII

Recently the Internet was all a hubbub about photos of an under-construction Millenium Falcon from the set of Star Wars Episode VII. Well that really opened the floodgates. TMZ was paying gaffers and best boys and PAs millions of dollars for more leaked photos so we felt compelled to offer back issues of Savage Henry, PBRs, and the last of last season’s harvest for some exclusive leaked photos too. Here’s what we got.

A torque wrench
Ooooh, this could one of old Chewbacca’s tools or a new weapon for old Lando to use against old storm troopers… We’ll have to wait and see!

A pair of work boots with kittens in them
Maybe baby Ewoks? Maybe a whole new kitten race akin to rats on Dantooine with enormous feet or something. I can’t wait to find out.

Bottled Water
A pile of empty water bottles
This can only mean one thing… They’re going back to Tatooine! What a great call back, JJ!

hats rack
A hat Rack
It looks pretty normal. This one has me stumped. We’ll just have to wait a year to look for it on the big screen


An alligator getting ready to take a bath
This is definitely the work of ILM. Man, I can barely tell it’s CG. Nice work ,guys; the suspense is killing me!






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