Plan B Is Living in Humboldt

You can’t run away to be a clown if you are from Humboldt. The way it works now is you graduate from your HSU Arts program, your parents give you some $$ and you end up in Blue Lake and it’s all kinda legitimate. Which sucks, because that sounds like a plan A with plan B sprinkles.

What is a legitimate plan B, then? Growing the weed? Nope. That’s legit too, now. You can even instagram your whole season and no one will bat an eye.

Hula Hoopist? Psssshhhhh, I know one that makes more money than me. I cry real tears as I type that, but it doesn’t make it less true.

The truth is that living in this county is Plan B for so many of the people who weren’t born here. It was for me. I couldn’t hack it in Santa Barbara and I needed to be somewhere 2 dollars would stretch further than a latté addition.

The real plan A, only for the folks who moved here, was working in accounting for the Honda dealer in your home town. You’d have gone to high school with your boss and your next door neighbor and the lady who works at the water store. Screw a bunch of that! (no offense to everyone I went to HSU with).

Plan B was moving to Humboldt and, like, seeing how it goes, man. And it either goes or doesn’t depending on how well you fit into a weird place where fire dancing is an actual career option.

Conversely, though, If you are born here, Plan B is going out into the actual world and wearing khakis.

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