Pony Death Ride – Cat Sounds

The Dirty Bird, contributor

I resent that the stoners at Savage Henry asked me to review this album. They are trying to pander to my love of cats. Sure, I’m surrounded by indoor pussy at home, but that doesn’t automatically mean that I’m going to love some ridiculous album that’s all about our feline friends. I mean, c’mon, how stupid does Savage Henry think I — whoa, wait a second. There’s a song called “Your Cats Are Crap”? Hmm, I like that! Oh, and another track is called “I’m a Cat Guy” – damn, that’s good stuff. And what about “Stop and Pet a Cat” – an uplifting and corny number about petting a cat while under the influence of sticky icky. Look folks, this isn’t Hendrix at The Fillmore East, it’s not the Godfather at The Apollo. But if you like cats, cursing, silliness, and dank nuggets, check out this furry piece of comedy.

8 out of 12 cans of PBR!

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