Presidential Siblings


Beulah Van Buren – President Martin Van Buren’s sister Beulah sent Queen Victoria a copy of her own Charles Darwin fan fiction called “Chucky in Thee.” It was mostly drawings. 

Roger Clinton – Bill Clinton’s brother Roger wrote the theme for Pumpkinhead 2.

Chevy Ford  – President Ford’s younger brother Chevy drank all of the White House Ham and Cheese Hot Pockets before Lady Bird could get smashed on them.

Splorge Washington – The President’s twin brother once stole the president’s dentures and inserted them into his butt and gave a speech to congress (Ace Ventura “does anybody have a breath mint?” style) calling himself the asshole and queef of the United States.

Billy Carter – Once during a UN summit President Jimmy Carter had his brother Billy seated right next to the representative from France, which would normally be fine, but on the limo ride over Billy ate a whole flat of raw shrimp hot ramen and shotgunned 4 cases of Billy Beer. Because of that we had to start calling them French fries.

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