Recipes for the Wealthiest Children in the World

Justin Alan, contributor

Hello parents (or more likely, nannies), and welcome to a fun little adventure in cooking. I know cooking for children can sometimes be trying on the patience when you are one of the wealthiest parents (or more likely, work for the wealthiest parents and secretly daydream about framing them for fraud and evening the score a little), but with these recipes up your sleeve you are sure to please every time. So, here goes!


White Truffle Cheddar Pasta


1  bottle white truffle oil

¼ lb of white truffle ($750+ approx)

1 box Velveeta® brand macaroni and cheese dinner

1 whatever amount of water the box says

1 milk amount stated on box



1 – Follow steps on box to make mac and cheese.

2 – Chop up white truffle

3 – Add white truffle oil to make and cheese

4 – Add white truffle by putting it in you hand and clenching into a fist, mushing it through your fingers

5 – Stir

6 – Serve in a bowl



Wagyu Beef Stroganoff



1lb Japanese Wagyu Beef ($300-$1300 per pound)

1 can store brand condensed cream of mushroom soup

1 box pasta (any kind)



1 – Grind Wagyu Beef (Wagyu beef is known for it’s exquisite marbling of fat but kids don’t care about that, so toss it in the grinder)

2 – Brown ground Wagyu in a frying pan

3 – Empty can of soup into pan

4 – Boil pasta

5 – Mix and serve in a bowl, tell the kid it’s also mac and cheese

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