Redbeard’s HighKus

Oh sweet danky buds
I love you so so so so
So so so so much

Wha’gwan Rasta Mon
Let us puff on dem dat herb
Haile Selassie

Puff puff pass homie
I barely hit the shit
Man you a dumb dumb

Rasta man live up
Dat Rasta man won’t give up
I keep screaming that

That shit is so dope
Hella tight and stuff like that
Am I right or what?

Who stole my papers
Don’t look at me bro; you dumb
That was uncalled for

So sticky icky
Ooo weeee put it in the air
Seriously bro

Man those dabs, man like
They got right on top of me
I can see ghosts now

Weed you rule hella
Hard like super dope and tight
One love rasta dog

You know what I say?
Roseanne Barr for President
Twenty sixteen, yo!

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