RedRumsey / Teach Me Equals

Dutch Savage, contributor

This record opens with what appears to be a simple acoustic track featuring former Unwound bassist Vern Rumsey (RedRumsey). Immediately after, the album shifts toward a stranger wormhole of weird.

At times moody and unpredictable, this split EP takes the listener in an unlikely direction with eclectic sounds and interesting recording techniques. By the middle, we hear Teach Me Equals with a smooth reverb-drenched female voice squeezed from what could be Kim Gordon’s Washing Machine-era Sonic Youth demos. The spaced-out guitar licks and drum machine are irresistible, with Vern “Red” Rumsey’s bass lines playing a vital role in the mix.

The record evolves into an upbeat coda bridging the gap between indie and pop. The multi-faceted vocals evoke a Lana Del Rey vibe, and smoothly stream over the crude distortion as the bass thumps elegantly. There are many layers to this recording. While the RedRumsey songs have a cool feel, Teach Me Equals add an element of vibrancy.

The whole thing is a little on the peculiar side, which makes for an interesting listen.

Rating: 10 out of 12 cans of PBR!


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