Reefview Madness – Goin’ Vape Shit


Scott M., contributor

This issue I’m gonna talk about a couple of dab vape pen handheld devices. Shit, to be honest with you, I’m not sure if they’re vape or dabs or both. Kids today making it all complicated. These are battery operated devices that take dabs/shatter/hash balls/shards/chunks.

Jack’s Extracts – Vape Pen

I like the globe design — you can see what’s happening, and since I don’t know what I’m doing with these damn things half the time, I usually don’t know if it’s actually working or not. The sample that was provided with the the pen was top-notch. The pen keeps a long charge and the pack I got came with all the necessary utensils. At least I think they’re necessary… those little rubber-capped things in bright colors, that ear scraper thing, and the charger. This is great for low-key hitting in public or social situations. My only criticism is the globe can be fragile, but any reputable smoke shop will have replacement parts.

Chief Sick – Vape Pen

Friends of the magazine, 707 Accessories in Willits, passed this along. It’s compact and durable. More of a saxophone reed than a pen. The heating coil bowl is deep, and once it’s all charged it hits really easy. And a lot. It’s super discreet too, except for the gold color. I think a flat black one would look best. The charges it holds are not consistent, and the charger not a standard charger, so if you lose it that might be an issue. If does, however, have a retractable cord on it, which is neat.

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