Reflections on the Artistry of George W. Bush

George W. Bush has been retired as leader of the free world for several years now. In a strange turn of events, he has occupied much of his time creating awkward, simplistic paintings. The move shouldn’t be completely shocking, though, as several psychotic, bloodthirsty historic characters have also created amateurish paintings. Let’s not forget the frightening works of John Wayne Gacy or the curious impressionistic landscape and building art created by Adolf Hitler.

A notorious hacker accessed some e-mail accounts of George W., and to his amazement, discovered that he’d been painting self-portrait nudes. This was the first the world had heard of W.’s artistic ambitions; like many others, I became obsessed with his works. Perhaps this was a cathartic way for George to handle the widespread criticism of his political ambitions, or maybe he was just a bored retiree. Regardless, the fact that his first two paintings depicted his legs in a bathtub and the other being a reflective shower scene were too fascinating to ignore.

After the weird naked stuff, Bush decided to focus almost exclusively on dogs. His beloved and recently deceased Scottish Terrier became the subject of several works. While his technical skill had drastically increased, the subject matter seemed more appropriate for something you’d buy from an 86-year-old woman at a flea market.

Most recently Bush has entered what art historians will certainly call his “cat period.” One of the paintings accurately depicts the indifferent, yet curious facial expressions of a leisurely feline. For those following his career, this uncharted territory met with great anticipation and excitement.

It’s impossible to tell what the future holds for our favorite tortured artist/torture advocate. Hopefully he’ll continue to expand his subject matter in his childish, hilarious attempts at creativity.

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