Restaurant Review: The Daily Grind

Randi H, Contributor

While walking around the small town of Myers Flat, my daughter and I decided to walk into the local coffee shop, the Daily Grind. We weren’t really there to buy anything, we just wanted to check it out. After a look around, we start to walk out. As I am walking out the door, I realize I might have some burger stuck in my front teeth. I stop to have my kid inspect my teeth in the doorway when a nice man walks up to us to see if we need anything from the coffee shop. As I begin telling him “no” and that my kid is just checking my teeth, that coffee shop jerkface says something rude under his breath and turns and walks away. I wanted to punch that jerkface in the back of the head, but instead I kept looking at him while I walked to my bike and headed back to my camp. He was such a jerk that I couldn’t even respond because I was so thrown off by his jerkface reaction.

So, for some reason, I think it’s a good idea to attempt to go back to the Daily Grind the next morning, only this time I take a friend with me. To my surprise, jerkface from Saturday is the same jerkface on Sunday. He brews the weakest coffee ever and is such a jerk to all the customers that come in. He chats it up with his jerkface ranger friend, but is so rude to everyone else. So I ask him where our coffee is and he points to our cups, which are empty, and basically rolls his eyes at us. Apparently, we were supposed to read his mind and know that we help ourselves to the coffee. Motherfucker!!!! All I can say is that I hope he heard me call him a jerkface and peel out of his parking lot. I understand that I was hungover, but that Jesse at the Daily Grind in Myers Flat needs to be taken out back and beaten with the nice stick.

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