Restaurant Review – Pizza My Heart, Santa Cruz

You know those days when you drink on the beach all day, check out a theme park and then bounce around a new city going from dispensary to dispensary? And then you’re all like, dang, I can really stand to eat.

If you’re in Santa Cruz, and near a Pizza My Heart, this is the place for you.

Large slices, dripping with gooey cheese and toppings. Hot. Sobers you up with just the right amount of energy to sit through a three hour comedy open mic.

I went with the more traditional pizza selections, but the ol’ lady had some rather more unconventional toppings like goat cheese and some sort of nuts or something…she liked it.

Also, lots of vegan and vegetarian fare… it is Santa Cruz after all.

Staff was a little too cool for school, but I guess that’s the norm for those popular regional pizza joints… it’s like everyone from the early oughts who worked at a Starbucks now works at a non chain pizza place. Or, how about this for the grandparents out there?….It’s like everyone who worked at a Tower Records in the 90s, their kids all got jobs at regional pizza joints.

7 out of 12 PBRs

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