Restaurant Review: Robert Goodman Winery & The Machine Works Restaurant 

I was difficult, and maaaaybe a little tipsy, and I had just come from a Crabs game and was dressed like it. All those negatives on my side and the staff at the Robert Goodman wine tasting room was still aces.

It’s moderately and charmingly hoity without being a drop toity.

Primarily it’s a wine bar, but it has a tight little menu of appropriate dishes. This combines my two hobbies; getting tuned up and putting food in my face. I had a Caesar salad and gnocchi.

You know how some caesar salads are drenched in pre made caesar dressing and ridiculous things like tomato are in there for no reason? It wasn’t like that. It was…again this word for this place….appropriate. And delicious accompanied by a seared slice of haloumi.

The sweet potato gnocchi was tossed with fresh mushrooms and, actually, was the dinner of my friend, who didn’t appreciate me eating half of it, but is kind and didn’t let on. That’s why I hang out with her near and around dinner time.

After I licked all my fingers and the plate, probably, and gulped the rest of my Henry Rose Cab down, I wobbled over to the guy at the bar in the chef pants and gave him my wholehearted, slurry kudos, like a gushy buffoon, but here they are in writing.

5 out of 5 Kudos

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