Restaurant Review: Space Sushi

I’m not in the habit of inviting strange Japanese men into my house at night, because, well, karate, but the gentlemen from Space Sushi are welcome anytime.

45 minutes after we made our home reservation the men arrived with their little headbands and big knives and whipped up butsugiri and tempura rolls right there on my kitchen counter where my husband and I made love only hours before. I love Butsugiri.

They were fast and clean and only had to go back to the space scooter twice for more sake. After the second bottle they didn’t even seem perturbed when I insisted on showing them my baby pictures and stuffed rabbit collection. Sweet guys.

The price was a bit steep, but rocket fuel rates are through the roof right now. They gotta cover their overhead even if there is nothing really “overhead.” Haa Haa, I made a little space pun there. Man. I’ve been really into puns, lately.

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