Roccos Political Cartoons #2

Rocco Tenaglia, contributor


This one is a throwback, but it’s just too good of an idea to leave on the cutting room floor of my brain. Again, I am not an artist, so you’re going to have to just imagine this, but trust me, it’ll unleash a heaping helping of chuckles.


So it says 2010 on the first panel and we see the TV through someone’s eyes. On the TV is Michelle Obama. Panel two has the former first lady saying something about school lunch. Doesn’t matter what she says, but point is she’s talking about nutrition in the lunch programs at schools. Third panel is the face of the person watching TV and they’re seething and they say, “Keep the government out of my kids’ food, dangit!” Okay, fourth panel’s the kicker. We see two really fat, gross kids looking at the father, and they’re both covered in pizza roll sauce and other foods.


Haha. Yeah, I know, this is even better than my last one. See you next month.


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