Roccos Political Cartoons #1

Rocco Tenaglia, contributor


So there’s a big white house and there’s someone talking inside and saying something like, “But sir, you can’t blow them up, so many people will die!” and then the next panel is a little closer to a similar building and a different color text (because it’s a completely different guy talking) says, “Who cares! We’re the greatest country in the world!” Then we go even closer to the first building again, where we see two figures’ silhouettes through the window and the first guy talks again. “But everyone will hate us!” he says. Then the fourth panel is like a split panel with both houses and you can see who it is through the windows and it’s actually Kim Jong-un and an advisor in one house and Donald Trump and an advisor in another house and they both say, “They already do!” with big smiles on their faces.


Anyway, that’s it. This will be a recurring thing that I do. See ya next month!



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