Savage Henry Feature: The Sports Brahs

Angie Baker and Becca Glaspy are like a female athletic version of the Smothers Brothers. They play guitar, set each other up for jokes and sing songs about the goodness of butter and taking night runs instead of doing drugs. Their wholesomeness doesn’t come of as annoying. It more reminds you of that chick in high school who organized scavenger hunts and always dressed up on wacky day. The one who had fun no matter what.

It seemed in congruent that The Sports Brahs found a gig at Hog Wild, the biker bar in Orick. They did play there, but it was even weirder then that.

“Becca’s boyfriend raised a goat and they slaughtered and cooked it at Hog Wild. We got to play for all the goat we could eat and all the beer we could drink,” said Baker. “We slept out back in a tent. It was great.”

“We baked a big peach pie and we were pretty much the only girls there that night,” said Glaspy.

Their songs, about things like eating breakfast for dinner and the woes of being the middle child were a surprising hit in the bar.

“We played a song about the memoirs of a Jamaican kitty cat and the super big burly biker owner requested it like three times.” said Baker.

They have played coffee joints from here to Redding and their next public gig is the High Times Whee! Festival in Red Bluff Memorial day Weekend. Promoters are not releasing the names of the bands for fear of overcrowding.

“We’re Emceeing the whole festival for three days. It’s being put on by High times so there will be actual people there,” said Baker. “We are so not qualified to do this.”

I went to the volunteer meetings and it was pretty stony. I think we’ll be able to handle it,” said Glaspy.

Handle it they will.

You can check out the High Times website for up to date information on the festival.


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