Savage Henry Podcast Saves Sex-Starved College Student

You guys … all of you are awesome. An HSU transfer student from The Bay, I thought getting my funny bone tickled would be difficult way up here on this side of the Emerald Curtain – mostly after driving through the gloomy streets of Eureka (I never came up to visit before I moved up here). It was actually quite a miracle I was accepted – pretty sure no other college accepts a student with a less-than-2.0 GPA!!! The fact that I’m in a university at this point of my life, along with your S.H.I.T. ‘zine and probably-never-sober podcasts have kept me rolling in my twin-long bed for a few months now. (Still not laid since school started.) Keep up the good work, my second round of midterms are soon approaching and I can use a good laugh, so please record another podcast soon!!!

Keep one lit,

Ed – OK, that’s it. That’s all we were waiting for … one person to inquire about the podcast. New episodes to start back up in December. Thanks, Walter and welcome to Humboldt!

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