Savage Henry Top 4

Oh yeah, baby. Time for that top four! Let’s count down, and I know you know the words! Haha. Ok, here we go:

4: Joseph Stalin

Hitler gets all the press, but what about this guy? Better mustache, better ding-a-ling from what I’ve heard! Haha! YEAH. And HEYELLL YEAAA he loved Satan, too! DOUBLE-DOWN!!

3: Joseph Stalin

Hey, how did this dude get such a bad rep, huh? WOW! Haha. Anyways, seriously, look into his ideology. Deserves a second look!

2: Joe Stalin

Look, dude had the body of an oily WWE boy, good lib policies, wanted best for the people, loved the pot, etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc…

1: Josef Stalin

Daaaaaaang it’s ya boy HOSEFFFFFF STALLLLLINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN really an effective leader if you look into it, and anyone who doesn’t appreciate the idea of a socialist utopia and can’t see how pressures from the West and the outcomes of WWII led to the marginal failure of the Soviet communist system due to internal imperialistic remnants who poisoned the greater

Ed. –That’s all the space we have for this post.

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