Savage Henry’s Dog Breed Overview

Everybody loves dogs; heck, they’re the ultimate pet! But did you ever wonder what the differences between all the breeds are? Let me “break it down” for ya!



These little goofballs look like they got their little faces smashed in! Their little bark is DEFINITELY worse than their little bite, and they love to be snuggled! Very tender!








This statuesque guy can guard your house just as well as he can guard your sheep! And if you don’t have sheep, don’t worry — he can also guard your house! Can be gamy unless you marinate.









This dapper yapper’s got curls so legit and a trot that won’t quit! Tremendously juicy shanks go great broiled with a sprig of mint and paired with a gruyere lemon polenta.



More a family dog than you’d think! Slice rib steak thinly, sear on flatiron grill with garlic herb butter reduction, then bake with shallots on low for 45 mins to feed the whole crew. Goes great with Grape Fanta.



Wrap in plastic and tenderize with hammer, then salt liberally and let rest in refrigerator for up to 24 hours. On cooking day seal steak exterior quickly on a hot, oiled pan. Fill outdoor smoker with Applewood chips and heat to 220 degrees; in meantime slice divots in Heeler steak and insert bunches of rosemary and red onion. Roll steak and hold together with kebab sticks. Smoke for 8 hours, basting intermittently with ginger-honey mustard reduction made from drippings left in pan. Serve by cutting rolled steaks against grain.


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