Sex Talk with Zeke: Ep. 2

Zeke Herrera, staff


Sex Talk is an article where you write in and I answer all your pervy questions.


Sanjay R. from Orlando, FL writes: Hey Zeke, longtime reader, first-time writer. Anyway, I was wondering how much foot sex is too much foot sex? In the beginning I wasn’t worried about it but now I don’t even remember what these people look like. Just their feet.


Hey Sanjay, it’s only the second one, so idk if you can really call yourself a longtime reader, but thanks anyway. I don’t know if you can have too much feet sex, but maybe watch out for athlete’s dick. If you think you’re going too far maybe find a nice pair of feet to settle down with. Thanks for writing.


Janice T. from Lafayette, LA writes: Hey Zeke, I’m the captain of a pirate ship, and whenever I try dating, the guys I go on dates with automatically assume I do tons of anal, and I do, but I still don’t appreciate the stereotype.


Ahoy Janice! Honestly I think the answer to this one might just be to ease it into the conversation. Maybe don’t mention what you do for a while or just say you’re a screenwriter for a little bit. Thanks for writing.


Anderson F. from Asheville, NC writes: Hey there Zeke, I just bought a can opener but I’m not sure what to do with it during sex. How do you think I should use it?


Goddamnit! Are you guys fucking with me again? Fine, fuck it, use it on nipples or something.


Sacha J. from Colorado Springs, CO writes:  Hey Zeke, do you think I’m sexy?


You sent me an email without any pictures or anything. I literally cannot tell. Next time send pictures.


Frank O. from Holland, MI writes: Hey Zeke, where do babies come from?


Holy shit! I knew you guys were fucking with me. No, you know what? Fuck this! I’m not answering these bullshit questions anymore. I’m fucking done! You hear me! I’m fucking done!


If anybody has any REAL questions for Zeke you can reach him at or mail him a letter at 3305 Cook St Suite A Denver, CO 80205

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