This SHITs for Reels – The Weed Edition

Stand-up comedian Doug Benson gets Super High Me (2007) in this Big Mac-inspired potumentary. Cameras follow as he quits nugs for 30 days, medically tests his physical, psychological and mental abilities and performs comedy. He then does 30 days super fucking baked from waking to bed while looking at racism, stoner cheetahs and the medical marijuana industry.

Stoner buds since their first doobie who “don’t do drugs, just weed” out of Billy Bong Thornton get way more than Half Baked (1998) on stolen government weed they’re selling to get a diabetic horse-killing friend out of jail. In the process they step on the toes of the local Mary Jane industrial complex.

Three guys on the hill witness their Homegrown (1998) crop boss killed and dumped from a helicopter and think they’re being clever when Billy Bong Thornton takes over the business. Then they find out the business is with the mafia and not their local SoHum connect. The lazy pothead filmmakers shot this in Santa Cruz.

Humboldt County (2008), live there, done that.

The excellent indie Newlyweeds (2013) follows a museum tour guide and her repo-boyfriend who repos the wrong couch setting in motion the usual misunderstandings, jealousies and dreams of making an exploitation thriller called “Two Tough Guys”.

Harold is an exploited “Asian guy” underhandedly handed extra work right before the weekend, Kumar is purposely sabotaging medical school interviews so Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle (2004) on a joint adventure battling bigots, revolutionary fast food workers, Princeton, the wilderness and insane Jesus freaks.

Smiley Face (2007) is an over-the-top day in the life and at times scarily realistic misadventures of a stoner who makes a lot of bad decisions after accidentally eating 14 marijuana-laced cupcakes, that her straitlaced (she thought) roommate had made for his science fiction festival, in this colorful anti-pot/pro-communist propaganda film.

A guy jacked-up on the locoweed “kidnaps” a kid and takes the High Road (2011) in this soap opera with bad band names, bad judgement, paranoia and take a drink every time you see someone who’s appeared in a television comedy series.

Ed Norton plays a fancy philosophy teacher tricked by his hillbilly twin brother to deal with the mess associated with a warehouse full of Leaves Of Grass (2009) in Norton’s most narcissistic film yet. Rarely any pot smoked in this revenge drama but you do get to see Edward Norton beat the shit out of himself.  

Danny McBride is the stoner loser brother to valiant hero James Franco in Your Highness (2011) where I expected way more pot to be smoked. The two brothers quest to save a virgin from a Fuckening with an evil wizard hoping to sire a dragon. Typical potsploitation vehicle.

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