Shows you shoulda went to: Chicken of the sea

I don’t know how the baritone founder of Jurassic 5 and Ozamatli got his name, but no matter what Chali 2 Na goes by hip-hop legend should precede it. It was a little nerve wracking at first, with about six people in the crowd until just before opening act Medusa went on. It’s like there was a sign outside that informed everyone that the show was about to start because within minutes of Medusa appearing on stage the main room at Nocturnum filled up.

I’ve never been one for female rappers, only really digging two (MC Lyte and Jean Gray), but now I say three.

Medusa, with her high mohawk, wowed the crowd from the get go. She had a live band of locals, including B-Swizlo on keys, and they rocked track after track.

Medusa handed the baton off to Chali 2 Na in a seemless style that kept the house’s collective head bobbing.

Chali 2 Na played a little bit of everything, from his parts in old J 5 songs like “Quality Control” to cuts off his new record, “Fish Outta Water.

The show was all good, as long as I kept my eyes on the stage. I had the (sarcastic) pleasure of having a group of disrespectful hipsters drunkenly writhe in front of me looking like they were in the middle of a killer bee swarm in slow motion. In between bumping in to me and holding complete Ross and Rachel-espue conversations near my ear drum, they thought it would be cute to grab the bass players legs while he was playing and throw things at the drummer.

I asked a bouncer friend of mine how he was able to stand watching this night after night.

“Tits help,” he said.

Back to the show. Chali 2 Na killed and took the time to talk to any fan who wanted to (there was a deep line) after the show. Class act.

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