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About two years ago Evan Vest descended onto the Humboldt comedy scene from Oregon and has turned it on it’s head. Whether you’re a friend of his on Facebook and see the 3,000 new jokes he posts a day, or you’ve seen him live and wonder why the guy from the smoking section at your Jr. high school is on stage, Evan consistently brings a unique comedic view to our world.


Savage Henry: What was the first thing that made you laugh that you can remember?

Evan Vest: I think the first thing that made me truly belly laugh were the Nickelodeon shows of the early 90s; Rockos Modern Life, Ren and Stimpy etc. The animators were real good at being gross back then and I just found that the best thing. The first stand up that made me laugh incredibly hard was Kevin James’ “Sweating The Small Stuff” special. No shame in admitting that.


SH: Did your folks watch a lot of comedy growing up? Isn’t your brother named after an original SNL cast member?

EV: Yea, my brother Garrett was named after Garrett Morris, they were watching SNL reruns and thought it would be a good name. They both enjoyed comedy, my mom really liked “Kentucky Fried Movie” and Robin Williams, and my dad was an diehard Three Stooges fan. He also would go to George Carlin shows when he was younger.


SH: Where was the first place you got up on a stage to tell jokes?

EV: The very first time I told jokes on stage was in high school, my classmate Alex Kaylan put together a stand up show at the Brookings, OR movie theater as her senior year final project. I hosted it, wearing a horrifying floral print button-up shirt. We had a good time though, the community really supported us. After that, I did my first open mic in Las Vegas around 2011, and bombed miserably. Never did it again until I started reading this mag, then I decided to the open mic at The Jam in Arcata. I did OK at that one. That was two years ago.


SH: You spent time in Brookings before moving to Humboldt. Was it the Humboldt comedy scene or the sinkhole that made you move?

EV: Well, if anything the sinkhole made me want to stay in Brookings to see how big it could get. I also wanted to open a food truck in that sinkhole. But overall it was the comedy scene that inspired me to move. I had visited Humboldt a few times before and always liked the area, and hearing that there was a solid stand up scene solidified my decision to make the move. The vibe and culture of the area felt like the perfect place to really develop my craft and I’m pretty sure I was right.


SH: What’s your favorite smell?

EV: Wet Cement. Followed closely by engine exhaust. I’m also a sucker for pumpkin smell in the fall.


SH: You’re the cohost of the BudTime Coughcast, would you call yourself a weed connoisseur?

EV: I wouldn’t call myself a connoisseur, because that’s pretentious and not very punk rock. But I am though, a good one at that. Joking aside, I’ve always enjoyed it immensely and it has helped me mentally in so many ways. I couldn’t call myself a connoisseur before, but since this podcast I’ve learned a lot about how it’s grown, the different terpenes, levels of potency, CBD, all that good stuff. So I’m on my way.


SH: Any final thoughts?

EV: I just want everyone to know that whatever you want out of life is in your reach, it’s up to you to make the grab. Fear is Babylon.


You can catch Evan on stages all over Nor Cal and Oregon and at the 6th Annual Savage Henry Comedy Festival.

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