Six Beers Deep – Born Yesterday Pale Ale

Come join me as I explore the nuances of this month’s beer, and then explore those nuances another five times. This month, we have:

Born Yesterday Pale Ale

Lagunitas Brewing Co.

ABV: 6.5%

First: Ok, so I’ve done a couple of these, but the Fresh Hop thing is a full-blown legitimate thing. For the uninitiated, a Fresh Hop ale is when you use non-dried, whole hop cones to bitter your beer. Often, as with the Born Yesterday, it’s shipped out the same day that it is bottled. Lagunitas, a company that apparently will not rest until every hop plant on earth ends up in their beer, has made a lovely foray into the Fresh Hop world. The result is a refreshing and light beer with a citrus finish and a marked propensity for making me want to finish the rest of these with a certain degree of careless abandon.

Second: I also came prepared though, cuz I dunno about you, but those citrusy flavored beers have been known to give me a touch of the heartburn. Honestly, I love this beer more than the first. It’s flavorful, but not filling, and sharp, without making you wince. If only this could be a summer beer, but NOOOOO, hops get harvested in the fall. Stupid hops.

Thirdly: Look so i had this grat idea. To pass the time I’m gonna put on the movie Born Yesterday to help compliement this excellent beer. And no, I’m not watching that stuffy old black and white version, I’m watching the 90s remake with John Goodman and that Lady. Melody Griffith.

Forthwith: Ok, so i don’t really like this movie. I especially don’t tlike to see John Goodman in it cuz he’s the bad guy and i only want to see him be the good gy. I’m switching to King Ralph.

Fifthwith: The wors thign about this beer is that you ever wonder if they’re gonna make it again. like, they have it listed on their website wlike it’s maybe a onetime thing, and you know that lagunitas jsut got bought by heninien, so those pot loving ntherlanders may just tell them “hey save some hops for the rest of us eh?” I m pretty sure they sound canadian over there.

Sixthish: Ok, maybe i shouldnt be so mean to hienkinken. i mean, they did give a bunch of cash to a guy from petaluma who makes crazy beer. but heinken comes in green bottles, which i can’t trustl. So yeah, that’s a thing.

Josh is an experienced at writing this article in responsible and restrained fashion. Please remember to follow suit when celebrating. Also, this article is sponsored by Blondie’s Food & Drink.


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