Six Beers Deep – Founder’s All Day IPA

Founders All Day IPA

Founders Brewing Company

ABV: 4.7%

Hey all! After a few months of rest and relaxation(rehab), I’m back(relapsing) to treat you with a summary of my experience with this beer after my brief hiatus(intervention). So let’s go!

First: Just to remind you all, I’m not the biggest IPA fan, but I’ve found a certain amount of enjoyment the Session IPAs, which are lower in alcohol, but providing the same full flavor of the IPAs that we love. In other words, it’s really just a way to drink a few more beers at the river. But I have to hand it to Founders; this beer is very drinkable.

Second: So this beer keeps growning on me. It’s like drinking a super tart lemonade; it hits you every time you take a pull, but you can’t stop from taking another sip. There’s all these citrus notes in the hops that add an acceptable level of complexity to a beer that is designed to not be given a lot of thought.

Third: This is a beer you would serve at a wedding where the reception is alwso at a beach. Like, it’s refreshing, and it’s totally cool, and you don’t want to serve antying super lame, so you pick this becasue you don’t want to get your Uncle Frank too wasted and tell everybody how the Clintons killed Vince Foster.

Fourth: One of the thitngs I don’t like about IPAs is that when i have a glass of water betrwewen beers, I don’t quite feel all that satisfiesd. It’s as though something in the hops and whatnot ahs stopped me from feeling hydrated.  Stupid Hops.

Fifth: I know its weak but i am drunk. I told you, I had taken a break.  Oh damn, why do I do this to myself?

Sixth: I will say this: this is a beer where coming up upon the sixth one really snuck up on me. To be honest i even kboutht this in a fifteen pack at the store because i like to be thrifty and stuff. I’ll save th rest for a nother night/later tonight. Oh damn I’m drunk.


Josh is reasonably practiced at such behavior and knows how to conduct himself when in such a state. Please remember to enjoy your beverages responsibly. This article has been sponsored by Blondie’s Food and Drink.

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Josh is an editor for Savage Henry Independent Times, He resides in Arcata, CA. When not performing stand up comedy or performing improv with Random Acts of comedy, you can follow him on Twitter @BonusMcHustle

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