Six Beers Deep – Humboldt Homebrewers

This month is a little different. The good folks at the Humboldt Homebrewers decided that they wanted to give me beer! How cool is that? To feature the abundance of talent these guys and gals have, six of the members donated a beer for me to try and then write about for this month’s edition. Here goes:

Beer Won
Spicy Sorghum Salad
by Ghost Hair Brewing
No ABV listed
So this beer says on the label that it has “toasted almonds and chipotle pepper,” and at first I couldn’t really pick up on it. It took a few sips, but it eventually showed up. I’m not a huge fan of sorghum, I tihnk it tends to make your beer taste thin. It’s gluten-free, so if you’ve made up an allergy I’d welcome this beer to you.

I’ll Have Another
Spiced Ale
by Pete Carlson
5.1% ABV
So you know all those times where you can’t decided whether or  not you want a chai tea latte or a beer? Well now you can have both because that’s pretty much what this tasted like. Next up, I’m gonna have my pink haired barista with stretched lobes attempt to make me a beer flavored latte. Holy shit that’s a good idea. Why do i keep giving away my ideas for freee like this?

Three is a number
by Scott Mesner
No ABV given
Wow. I’m not sure if I drank a liquified urinal cake (unused), or if I sucked out the contents of a Glade Plug-in. This is some kind of dark ale with some kind of minty thingy put in there to make it taste like a minty thing. I kinda like minty things, but this one is a bit overbearing. We should rename it “My Mother.” I am so clevher. Good job, Scott.

Four Play
American Stout
by Dave Breyer
5.4% ABV
So if you werew rto look in teh Great Oxford Beer eDIctionatry, and were to look lup “American Stout,” you’d find a picture of me hodling this beer and pointing at it, and there’s be a captoin buble coming from my mouth head saying “This is an American Stout.” It fits the definiteion so soundly that I was like “Cool, now I know the standard to which to cwhich to judge this style of beer by.”

I like the number 5
Tomas’ Tequila Pale Ale
by Michael Kraft
5.5% ABV
So this beer has tequila in it, which the last time i did something like this I make some poro choices with Tequiza. Thi sis not tequiza. this is good. wasn’t all super hoppy, and it was nt’ all super sweewt. It hit this spot that’s all between the two and strikes a balance that makes me feel like i could do a whole six beers deep just on this beer. In fac, i’d do that right now if i could, write a second article and call it “Six beers deper.” I wonder how many sliced American cheese jokes Mr. Kraft herars?

Six Beers Deep
Road to Noir
by Kevin Naset
6% ABV
I saved this one for last cuz it’s the farthes from my hand. It’s a dark sour ale, so it’s like you are drinking a bottle of acoholic sour patch kids. no wait, it’s not like that at all, it’s more like drinking a loaf of sourdoguh rye bread. and i mean that ats a a compliment. This stuff is good. Some people don’t like sour beers, but they’re wrong. I’m really full.

Thanks again to the lovely people at the Humboldt Homebrewers for letting me taste the fruits of the their labor. Thanks to Talvi for setting this up, and thanks to you for reading. If you have any interest in joining the Humboldt Homebrewers, they meet on the first Thursday of every month at 7pm at Humboldt Beerworks, which is at 110 3rd St. in Eureka. Or you can just visit


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