Six Beers Deep: Oktoberfest Festbier Lager

Oktoberfest Festbier Lager
Ninkasi Brewing
5.9% ABV

Das First Bier – So I know that it’s December and here I am writing about an Oktoberfest, but this was on sale, and I hadn’t tried it. But yeah, Ninkasi is known for their overhopped monstrosities that cater to a hipster college crowd in central Oregon. Damn, that sounded mean. I meant that as a compliment. Let’s just say that they typically make hoppy beers. This one, however, is not, which is good, because a brewery that isn’t some one trick pony. This beer is slightly sweet, has some earthy tones, and just all around feels like Autumn. In other words, they nailed it. Let’s see if I still say that after five more beers.

Dos Cervezas – So this one is growing on me. Just as I’m not really so much of a fan of the overhopped beers, the ones that are two sweet are just as difficult. This Oktoberfest beer hit s a nice middle ground. Y’know, I always considered Oktoberfest to be a thing where you go to be in  a crazy tent and drink a bunch of beer in giant glasses that are biggere than your head and then you eat some meat on a stick. So, any good beer that is a good Oktoberfest beer is one that you can drink a whole ton of so that you can eat more meats on sticks. This beer does that job. I’d drink 9 of these.

Three – So maybe drinking nine won’t be such a good idea. I’m alreay feeling these. Look, I’m no lightweight. I know what I’m doing. Maybe someoeime for this artical I shoul d actually go to an Oktoberfest thing in some country where they do that and see how many Six Beers Deep in  a  Row that I can do. I bet I could do three, but I’d only publush two.

Floor – I just went on spoitify and put on some polka music because this beer need accordian s. I wouldn’t normally reccomentd this, but I was thinking of all the things you could do while drinking this beer. Okboerfest beers are weird. It’s the only style that is also tied to an event that hardly any of us actually go to. It’s like being a Jehovah’s witness and buying advent calendars. What I’m trying to say is that every town should have more mispelled beer festivals in October.

Five is a number – Ok, so I think I’ve goti it. I’m going to make this Oktboberserfest shit go viral, then I’m going to start a tent company and then just rent tents. I’ll probably get some free beer. Dude, I bet tents can get expensive.

Styx – The worst temptation about finishign a a six pack of beer is that you have to sask ourself if this should reallyi be you last one and if you shoudl go somewhere and write next month’s six beers deep. If I were at an actual Oktoberfest festival, I would have drank the whole articl’e sworth in one boot. It woulda been over all quick and shit.  I just wanna be in a tent.

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