Six Beers Deep: Old Chub Scottish Style Ale

Old Chub Scottish Style Ale
Oskar Blues Brewery
ABV: 8.0%

Beer Won: So I’ve admired this beer for quite some time. Like Mendocino’s Eye of the Hawk, it accomplishes an alcohol content of 8% without tasting like it’s 8%. For someone lacking the someone lacking alcoholic fortitude, downing a few of these guys can lead to a fun/disastrous/criminal evening. As for the taste, it is super malty rich. Like almost chocolatey. It’s also not very carbonated, which doesn’t leave you as full, which makes drinker more beer more faster that much more easier. That was a lot of mores.

Beer Deux: This beer does have one drawback. It gets sticky. All that malt leaves this sticky residue at the lip of your can that annoys me just enough to write about it. In fact, I wanted to make sure I put this down now before I get to beer five and forget about this. But yeah, out of all the experiences out there, I rank stickiness btween the word “moist” and having really dried out sinuses. I hope that makes sense to you people out there. Thanks for reading.

Beer 3: The Reckoning: So what’s an Old Chub anyway? It’s like a mashup or something. So let’s say you see someone down the street and you wanna say “How’s it’s going?” but lately youv’e been doing a lot of “What’s Up?” but you think that to be rather plebian so you try to go with the first opetoin but habit kicks in and you just fumlbel it all to gether and tell the preson “How’s Up?” and then they look at you al strange and you just figured out why you don’t have any friends. So taht’s what I think Old Chub is like, but with “Old Chap” and “Bub.”

Should Called This 4 Beers Deep: Who calls anyone Bub anymore? Who’re you, Wolverine? I’m gonna write them a loetter asking them to explain tejmselves with their sill y names. Who made this beers so strong? I know what I’m doing.

Fiv: Ok, so I think i;ve figrued all thies out. So they’re the Oskar BLues brewery right? Wait, I lost my train of though.

Six: Ok josh you can do this, Old Chub. See? doesnt’ quite work. I do like How’s up? though. I think that’ll catch on, cuz i’m a jetsetting treandsetter.


Josh is a semi-professional drinker with an overinflated sense of self that is pretty sure he knows what he’s doing. Please remember to imbibe responsibly right after you look up with “imbibe” means.

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