Six Beers Deep: Rogue Ales Dead Guy Ale

This week’s descent into beerblivion – a German Maibock-style ale (whatever that is) that not only draws its logo’s inspiration from Dia de los Muertos, but also has a lingering informal association with Grateful Dead fans. It clocks in at 6.5% ABV. Here goes.

5th to Last Beer
So it’s a little sweet, has a tangy finish, and is actually quite drinkable for a beer this strong. Read something that said the labels glow in the dark, too, but I’m not about to try that here. It’s one thing to drink alone, it’s a whole new level of depravity in itself to drink alone in the dark.

Countdown to Beerstinction
So why would they want this thing to glow in the dark? I mean, it’s not like it can be so that we can find them when it’s dark; refrigerator’s have lights for that. I dunno, maybe they assume the people drinking this have the $9.99 to spare to drink alone in the dark, but still want to be able to find their beers.

Beer #3: The Hump Day of My Six-Pack
As soon as i finish this beer, I have been halfway through this six-pack of sweet, lovely goodness. I wonder if i will have a headache tomorrow. I wonder If i will ever be a firefighter.

May the Fourth be in my Belly
Why work for a six pack when you can just buy onhje every week and get five cents a bottle from the nice manm at the recycling center who knows you by first name by now. Speaking of recycling, I don’t klike the Grateful Deade. I turned the lights off, but at least i know where my last two beers are. It’s also 11:30 in the morning so i can see anyway.

I find if only slightly ironic that shis beer has to do with the gratefual dead and Phil Lesh has had like three liver transplant or soemthing. Maybe I’ll wrirte him a letter about this, assusming he can read.

Dear God No
I dunno if i can do this, guys. This is a tough one. I’m gonna push through though. Push you for all of you, and my new liver phil.I love you all.

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