Six Signs He Lied About Being a Ghost to Get Rid of You and Doesn’t Want to Marry You Even Though He Is Way Way Way Wrong

Tiffany Greysen, contributor

1) He mentioned that he has to get up early for a dentist appointment. Ghosts don’t need to go to the dentist!  Does he think you’re an idiot?

2) Weeks before he told you he was a ghost;  he told you he was seeing someone, but when you watched her through his bathroom window you saw her and she’s not even cute and she dresses stupid. When he finally decided to bring around the soulless-dead-fish eyes fake “girlfriend” you found out she’s not even funny, and she barely has a pulse.

3) When he wanted to have a serious talk, it started out by sounding like some bullshit break-up or something, but we all know that men are terrible communicators and need help.  You helped him understand that he was confused and that you were able to read between the lines and that’s how you ended up accepting his marriage proposal.

4) His friends didn’t know you were engaged or that he was a ghost and would just look at you like you were crazy.

5) He still goes to work everyday.  Why would a ghost need to go to work everyday?  That doesn’t make any sense.

6) He filed a restraining order with the courts.  If he was a ghost, how could he show valid identification?  That’s not how that works.

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