Sneak Peek at New Website

We’ve been working hard on our new website for a few months and are getting close to launching it. We’ve been getting requests for a sneak peek and teasers…even a “Beta” edition. Well here you are, below is a sneak peek at our new website, enjoy!

<header>Savage Henry Magazine.Com<header>

<thingy>About Us<thingy>Contact Us<thing>Submit a Bomb Threat To A Local Governmental Agency<thingy>

<sub doo hickey>Where to Find the Magazine<sub doo hickey>

<cog>Shit, where was I?<cog>Wait, double space? Wait, did it type that just now?<cog>

<whatchamacalit>No, it’s putting all of this right on the site.<whatchamacalit>

<who fuckin’ knows>I told you we should have hired a professional web maker upper<who fuckin’ knows>

<title>submit an Eavesdropping right here<title>

<blog1>Chris’ blog<blog1>Everyone else’s blog<blog1>

<gallery>Sonny Wong Nude from Vegas trip<gallery>Dutch’s rejected “Photos of the Day”<gallery>Zack Newkirk taking pictures of his action figures staged in famous scenes from Martin Scorsese movies<gallery>

<videos>Sarah’s Karaoke performances<videos>Josh Duke’s shoplifting footage from the San Pedro Target circa 1997<videos>Footage of the Korean kid drawing all the pictures Nuno Amaral takes credit for<videos>

<advertising>Give us money, please<advertising>
<testimonial>this website looks really really really dumb<testimonials>

So there you have it, the new homepage for, which will launch soon. But in the meantime go there and see a picture of John C. Reilly holding up some Savage Henry mags.

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