Star Wars Action Figures We’d Like to See

You can find some obscure Star Wars action figures out there, some of characters that don’t even have screen time and are only referenced in a comic book. Well, if they’re gonna do action figures, they should make figures for these unsung heroes of the Star Wars universe.









Princess Leia’s Hairdresser

There’s no way she had all those styles without some professional help.









Stormtrooper Factory Foreman

Everything is online and pumping them out. Maybe they should have spent a little time with the shooting skills first.

Number 1 and Number 2

Come on, we’ve seen the trash compactor. Everyone’s gotta shit.

Death Star Janitor

Those hallways are way too clean for that one Roomba-looking droid in Episode IV.

French Trapper Akbar

This one is just for me.

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