Statistically Speaking

Statistics is the most fun branch of the formal sciences. If it was a real branch it would be about 3-feet off the ground, cut off 8 inches from the tree and covered in a lubed condom. Oh my Jesus…..this is what writing is like after half of a bottle of Pino Greej. That’s what my girlfriends and I call it. Pino Greej.

If you suck at math, you will be good at statistics. It can be applied to real life. Here is an example:

You suck at math. You sign up for statistics. You are good at it! Yaay!

Statistical methods can summarize or describe a collection of data. Here is a collection of data about SARS in China (above).

As you can see, SARS is a majestic red mountain with smaller differently colored foothills. Beautiful!

Here are some other statistics:
One eightythousandth of our readers translates into about a 13th of one person.

The amount of money I get to write this is statistically insignificant.

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