Steak for Breakfast: A Restaurant Review of AA Bar and Grill

A certain type of person takes a government office job; the kind that won’t put a bullet through their head after a day of filling out forms and answering the questions of clueless people who stream in non stop saying things like, “My taxes pay your salary,” and, “Your job is to put Obama’s red tape on the roll and find the end.”

These men and women file your name changes and business licenses every day and hardly ever kill anyone. They deserve a steak.

The AA Bar and Grill sits next to the tweaker frequented liquor store and across from the courthouse and jail and looks like a scumbag hole in the wall . It is a hole in the wall, to be sure, but scumbag it is not. In fact, it probably has the cleanest fish tank in Humboldt County and maybe the best steak too.

I went in after riding seven elevators to find city hall to file some piece of stinking paper. After an hour in the government building, I almost killed someone and I felt like I needed a reward. It was only 10am but the top tier of American food seemed appropriate since filing some shit and paying a filing fee in a government building seemed super damn American.

I ordered a Filet and a Budweiser because the old guys in there all had Budweisers and it seemed like the right thing to do.

When my filet came I asked for steak sauce like a little bitch. The bartender told me to not be a little bitch and try my steak first. She was right. No need for steak sauce. And I love steak sauce.

It was Fantastic. God I love Dinner for Breakfast. I love eating at a bar. I love fishtanks. I don’t love Budweiser but it’s a pretty good breakfast beer.

The only rust spot on this Great American Breakfast was when a tweaker dude darkened the doorway eyeballing my steak, or more likely my Budweiser. The Bartender gave him the evil eye and he slithered away. I wish I had that skill.

This is a must eat for all government office workers across the street and to all you regular folks who aren’t scared of parking by the tweaker liquor store.


9 out of 10 Budweisers

(but only ‘cuz the tweaker)

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