Strip Club or Restaurant?

I was in Portland the other week, and boy howdy there are a lot of strip clubs. To make things worse, nearly every restaurant has some crazy suggestive name that sounds like like a strip joint, so really its just a crapshoot as to whether boobies get rubbed in my face or I order an appetizer of Clam strips. Of the following, can you tell which is which?

Sizzle Pie
Magic Garden
Gartner’s Country Meat Market Salt & Straw
Club 205
Two Tarts
Union Jack’s
Otto’s Sausage Kitchen Riverside Corral
The Sugar Cube
Lovely’s Fifty-Fifty
The Pie Spot 

About Josh Duke

Josh is an editor for Savage Henry Independent Times, He resides in Arcata, CA. When not performing stand up comedy or performing improv with Random Acts of comedy, you can follow him on Twitter @BonusMcHustle

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