Survival Knife – Survivalized EP

Joel Leavitt, contributor

If Olympia’s Survival Knife was a real survival knife, it would be a super radical Bear Grylls edition. You know, the one with all the extra shit on it. The type of knife where your look at it and say, “when the fuck would I ever use that?” But when you need it you say, “oh, I’m sure glad that was there!”.

The fourth song “Lasso or Noose” starts slow, simple and heavy. It progresses to a middle skittery section with horns, then finishes triumphantly with an almost pop sound. All five songs on Survivalized have a different feel from the from “Thud of the Jackboot” with its heavy rock and crazy outro to the almost metal/thrash and twangy guitar explosions of “Tropic of Chaos.”

This EP’s sound has everything you need- from the sharp blade to skin out that trophy buck, to a bone saw and a tourniquet. That way you can be prepared to cut your own foot off after a rock falls on you while exploring a cave.

Rating: 10 out of 12 cans of PBR!


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