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Rerun Your Wardrobe

Andrea Bartunek, contributor Let’s say it’s 2 am and you’re watching Nick at Nite after indulging in some inebriating substances. An episode of Full House comes on. You want all the outfits. You also want to touch Uncle Jesse’s hair. You want Kimmy’s scrunchie. You want DJ’s oversized sweater. You want to do the running man. This sends you into a …

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The 90s Called

Kollin Holtz, contributor  The 90s called. They asked what it’s like to be poor, laughed, and then hung up. Everyone got real angry about it. They were all like, “The 90s should have texted!” When we tried to call them back, all we got was a busy signal, probably because they were on the Internet, or sending a fax. How …

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