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The ShoeChucker: A User’s Guide To Modern Artists

Choada Salinas, staff   Everyone is an artist now. From Etsy-istas to half-assed crappy street stencils, we’ve been inundated with mountains of meaningless bullshit “creativity.” The reason is simple: People have been coddled and babied, and everything they have ever scratched out was hung on the refrigerator before it was posted on YouTube, and now they not only expect 15 …

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Lend Me an Ear

Spencer DeVine, contributor Van Gogh was no doubt one of the greatest artistic minds of all time, while also being real real nutty. Despite his art though we all know what he’s famous for, yes that’s correct reader, Van Gogh supposedly cut off his own ear and sent it to his lover. Van Gogh was an awful secret Santa. However, …

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