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Album Review: Lyndol Descant “Reach Up”

Lyndol Descant Reach Up Sam Greenspan, contributor On her self-produced second album, the sublimely talented Lyndol Descant gives us a recording that is melodic and sweet listening for anyone’s ears. I should clarify, that last descriptor could easily be misconstrued as a milquetoast synapses, as if it could just as easily be background music – quite the opposite. Imagine a …

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Album Review Clintongore: “Clintongore”

Leah Brzezinski, contributor   “Oh great, Brooklyn hipster synth-pop,” (rolls eyes, sighs, presses play). “Oh?! Great Brooklyn hipster synth-pop!” Clintongore (pronounced clin-TAH- na-GO-rey) are the type of duo you’d love to hate. There’s the clever name, ironic eyewear, and fancy album art, but they’re sweet, catchy and just too irresistibly cute to deny. Chris Crawford’s bouncy, brazzy beats anchor the innocent insistence of Sierra Frost’s vocals. …

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