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Bob Dylan – Christmas in the Heart

The most incredible comedic holiday album of all time is without a doubt Bob Dylan’s Christmas in the Heart. Unfortunately, I don’t think Dylan’s intention was for this to be funny, but it is so bizarre and unlistenable, you’ll quickly find yourself laughing in a maniacal manner. Christmas in the Heart is a collection of overly-orchestrated cheese-dick holiday classics sung by …

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John Tesh – Christmas Worship

Clyde McFadden, contributor Some say there is a “war on Christmas,” which begs the question, who does John Tesh worship? I know the answer; John Tesh worships my beloved cat, Mr. Jigglebeans! To verify Mr. Tesh’s devotion, one needs to go no further than his spectacular holiday masterpiece, Christmas Worship. I’m still trying to figure out if he thinks I …

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