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Childhood Abandonment Issues

Zeke Herrera, staff   People often accuse me of being distrusting and distant, and those serial killers can get the fuck away from me, but they might have a point. When I was a kid my parents would fight constantly over everything (money, cleaning; Friday the 13th was the best). One night my dad got real drunk. I was in …

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The Marlboro Man Smokes His Last: Remembering an Icon: A Work of Fiction: The Guy Who Was the Marlboro Man in the Old Ads Died Recently

Zack Newkirk, staff It was a day like any other, only now, the Marlboro man was older. His chiseled jaw still sported just the right amount of sexy stubble, except presently it was grey rather than cobalt. The rugged ol’ silver fox, keepin’ on like always. He lit up his Marlboro red and surveyed the fence line. “Smooth,” he said …

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I always light my bitches cigarettes: A GuIde to Fancy Smokes

Kim Hodges, contributor Cigarettes make us cooler and more desirable in the eyes of hobos, and God damn they feel great in our lungs. There’s nothing I love more than standing against a brick wall with one leg bent, leaning like I don’t give a shit, and inhaling as if no one walking by could understand the power of how …

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