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License to Cuss

  I’m 18 today, you bastards, and guess what? You can’t tell my butt what to do anymore. I’m heading down to the gas station to buy some skoal and a lighter, and there’s nothing you can do about it. And guess what? I’m gonna damn cuss whenever I want from now on. HELL frickin’ yeah. I get to vote …

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Cursing in PG

Keith D, contributor Hey you dirty dogsuckers, did you know you could swear just as well or better without actually cursing? Bullpee you say? It’s true; I’ve been doing it the whole dog-gamned time! But it doesn’t end there. Why not open businesses with phonetically-edgy yet family-friendly names? Who wouldn’t buy their furniture from the Sofa King? You can hear …

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The Words of My Father

Corin Balkovec, contributor    Growing up, my father taught me many things: Algebra, how to drive a car, various types of home repair. But out of everything, the one skill that has been his biggest gift has been learning how to swear. Yes, knowing how to drive a car is useful, but learning how to call someone a “dumbfuck” while …

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