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Remembering That Time You Accidentally Did Dabs Because Moms Make Mistakes Too

Tiffany Greysen, contributor Once upon a time, in a land called Arcata, California, an exceptionally lovely, smart, funny mother of two took the word “dabs” and incorrectly assumed that it related to the traditional meaning of the word: Dab noun A small amount of something. “She licked a dab of chocolate from her finger” Synonyms: Drop, spot, smear, splash, speck, …

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Reefiew Madness!

Scott M., contributor Hello everyone! I’m gonna go by Scott M. for the this new cannabis product review column for Savage Henry cause… weed, you know? I do a lot of weed. I smoke it, vape it, eat it, dab it, rub it, drink it… I’ll even put it in my butt. Enough about me, onto the first installment of …

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How Dabs Work

Dabs are small bits of something that you ingest some way. Yeah! If you do dabs, one of the side effects is that you get really serious when someone makes fun of them. Your dad smokes cruddy weed out of old papers that are balled up in a sock in your parents garage. He lights his joint with matches from …

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