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10 Signs Your Dad Hates You in a Passive Aggressive Way

He named his dog “My Son” and he punches it all the time. He lost your birth certificate so technically you can’t prove that you’re his son/daughter. When he’s talking to other people and you can barely make out what he’s saying you hear him say “I hate Nissan” but he’s really saying “I hate me son” (Also he’s Irish). …

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Sam the Butcher’s Favorite Cuts of Meat

Hi. When Alice comes into my shop to buy the meat for that Brady family, who work her like a damn Filipino I saw in those sweatshops when I was liberatin’ Manila back in the old WWII, I want her to get the best cuts of meat. I mean, if I can be frank…Ha! I’m not Frank…I’m Sam! But seriously, …

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