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How to Achieve the Perfect Stoner Look

Evan Vest, contributor Look, I enjoy weed as much as the next guy. It’s pretty obvious when you see me that I smoke, which is rad because I’m always being offered weed or getting robbed. I’ve achieved the perfect stoner look after years of practice, and I’ve found one thing that has helped immensely: I’ve never worn ANYTHING with a …

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European Wang Wrappers and Banana Hammocks

Tommy Lucero, contributor Banana Hammocks. Slut Slings. The ever impressive Penis Patch. Whatever the fashion faux pas you want to eye-screw your fellow humans with this season, make sure it’s both nauseating and overwhelmingly offensive, as I’m sure that’s the whole point of the swimsuit. I personally don’t leave my backyard wading pool, since that’s where the two liter of …

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How to Pack Your Overalls: A Guide For Today’s Hillbilly

So you’ve decided to become a hillbilly. Congratulations, this could very well be the smartest decision of your life. You’ve bought the overalls but now what? Well it’s time to pack your pockets with the essentials. Here’s what you will need to start your new life as a backwards, violent mountain person. A Cellphone Hillbillies average one car for 13 …

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