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Restaurant Review: Your Grandmother’s house

I didn’t want to write this review. Old people, frankly, creep me the shit out. They are what I know I will become after my looks, which is basically all I have skill-wise, fail me. I will look worse than your grandmother, even, because I spend so much time in the sun increasing the width and number of my moles …

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My Dad Did Some Pretty Cool Shit

Anonymous (cuz I call my grandma a shitbag), contributor  As a child of the west coast, passive aggression courses through my body like a scourge of white blood cells, and I fucking hate it. There’s only so many times you can hear somebody say the phrase, “Umm…yeah…I was thinking… maybe you could put your towel in your room because its …

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Subject: Fw: for the greater good

My grandma is a forwarder. Everyone knows a few forwarders. It’s the magic that spreads hilarious photos of cats with captions and videos of fat guys bo staff fighting. But you can imagine the sort of stuff your grandmother might forward you. Grandma stuff. Recipes and scams of which to be wary and tips to stay healthy. The sort of …

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